Westport has developed a number of partnerships with a diverse network of project managers, architects and contractors. Strong teamwork over the past few years has allowed Westport to bring together a group of multidisciplinary professionals who deliver the best for each development project.

Westport relies on the passion, dedication and attention to detail of its partners to help each development achieve a successful result. With the accumulated experience of the team, Westport is in a strong position to provide its shareholders and investors strong returns and its end-users a good quality product.

RRJ Arquitetos

With over 20 years of experience in project development, namely in building rehabilitation, RRJ has been a crucial partner in the search for better project solutions.

Outdoor Consultores

The monitoring enforced since the early stages of project development grant higher quality in the direction, coordination and inspection of the works carried out.

Prime Promotion

With over 15 years of great experience in the communications field, its know-how and connection to the luxurious market have allowed Prime Promotion to develop the right strategies for each project developed by Westport International.


The close attention paid to the details in interior architecture, and in straight collaboration with general architecture, provides our clients with true and real feelings of comfort and tranquility of the spaces.


With over 20 years of experience in project management, it follows the promotor in search of the best technical solutions and in the management of its project.

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