Rehabilitate to create value

We have developed a new brand, inspired by the values we hold at Westport International. A simple gesture that intends to “do the right thing for others” - to rehabilitate and rebuild places for those in the greatest need.

This is definitely a “hands – on” project involving both our clients and partners in helping to rebuild, brick by brick, people’s homes and lives.

While focused on its mission “Rehabilitate to create value in our cities”, Westport has joined with the Just a Change organization, to reach out to those in housing poverty and to change their lives by providing the organization with the tools to make their work more effective, as well as working together in fundraising activities.

Just a Change

Just a Change is a non-profit association dedicated to rehabilitating homes of people in housing poverty. They mobilize volunteers to help them bring hope and joy, transforming homes into places worth living.

Since 2010, they have rehabilitated more than 200 homes and 70 institutions, impacting the lives of more than 2000 people and their beneficiaries and communities.

Our collaboration also extended to the land, in September 2021, we had the opportunity to collaborate in the rehabilitation of the APECI - Associação para a Educação de Crianças Inadaptadas space in Torres Vedras, for which we mobilized employees, partner companies and families.

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